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6 Ways You Can Monetise

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If you’ve just started out on your blogging journey -that’s great! You’ve taken a leap of faith into the net or you’re at least exploring a new venture and you’re taking action.

This like similar posts is purely to inform you of ways that you can make money from the various different platforms out there.

Making Money With

Unlike the misconception out there that you are not able to monetise the .com version and that the open source wordpress is the only way to go – you can monetise your content and here’s a short list how:

  1. Sell physical and digital products
  2. Request Donations/tips
  3. Gated Premium Content
  4. Advertising
  5. Affiliate links
  6. sponsored content

Yes granted for most of the above you do need to have the premium or business plan but you do not have to have the headache of many of the necessary tools that are recommended with a cost that comes with

It’s a much easy system to use for beginners rather than faffing with .org and pulling your hair out.

The blogging platform discussions along with SEO conversations are very much like politics – everyone has their own opinion and many think that their way is right.

I see it as there are different tools out there but they are just tools, they are not a magic wand to a mountain of money, or floods of traffic. What you do with your tools is what will make the difference.

So let’s explore deeper into the ways that you can make money with this platform.

Sell Physical and Digital Products

If you started a blog to increase conversions and start a customer journey and create a brand then you can sell whatever you want to design and create to your raving fans as long as they will find value in it.

Request Donations or tips

Have you ever been to a site and it says that it’s free to use but they would love you to buy them a coffee for the information, the fix or the value that they have provided to fix a problem or enlightened you? I know I have and this is what can work on WordPress.

Gated Content

If you don’t know what gated content is it is something that cannot be accessed without a membership, payment or transaction. The transaction can be something simple like trading an email address for content. Other ways that you can do this is asking the person wanting to access the content to share a link to a social channel or send them to a messenger bot.


You’ll have seen Adsense right? The ads can be placed anywhere within content, pages or sidebars. Apart from Adsense you also have other higher paying advertising brokers like Medivine for

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